Wales has a strong academic sector already supporting the global space sector.

A number of projects are currently under development: 


1. FISICA (Far Infrared Space Interferometer Critical Assessment: Scientific Definition and Technology Development for the Next Generation THz Space Interferometer).


This is an FP7 project with nine European partners, led by UCL, to develop the technological base for a future planned terrahertz astronomy space mission. Glyndwr University's contribution is to establish feasibility of carbon-fibre composite materials for a light-weight primary mirror for the mission, which can be cooled to near liquid helium temperatures.  This work is conducted in collaboration with the Glyndwr Composites Centre.


2. Critical Technology Advancement of the LOCUS Mission Towards Future Space Flight:


This is a project with eight partners funded under the CEOI-ST: Eighth CEOI Technology Call.  This planned mission involves viewing the earth's atmosphere at grazing incidence from space, using spectroscopic techniques to characterise molecular species in the atmosphere.  Glyndwr's role is to demonstrate the manufacture of  prototypes for the challenging  off-axis mirror-pair, and in the  materials aluminium alloy.



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